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Meet charles

“I’m a believer in God’s Word but I found myself living one part of the Word and missing out on another important aspect of the Word. I was not being a faithful steward of all that God had entrusted to me. 

'What does God’s Word says about finances?'...I never gave it a lot of thought until I met Steve. Before meeting with him, I was very confused about my finances and could not see a way out. This made me feel stressed out and I didn’t know whether I was coming or going half the time. I knew I needed help with my finances, but I didn’t know how to start or where to go. 

I did not know how behind I was until I started working with Steve. I had never lived on a budget and I was never able to keep money in my savings account. But after meeting with Steve, I now know where my money is going and I have some money in savings. By living on a budget and looking at my whole situation, I was able to tackle things one at a time. Now I am making progress toward my financial goals of getting out of debt and being more generous.


I have learned a great deal from Steve and I feel relief knowing someone is there to reassure me that I’m doing the right things with my finances. I’m amazed how much we have accomplished in six short months.  Steve’s knowledge and God’s Word have influenced my daily financial habits.” 

 – Charles Lockett (Phoenix, AZ)


MEET phyllis–

"Prior to having gone through the Crown Financial Ministries' course, I was on a continual merry-go-round financially. Payday would come and the ride would be great and then there came the few days before the next payday and I always seemed to have barely enough money. Occasionally I would even borrow money until payday got here to avoid overdrafts and I didn’t have a clue where all my money was going. UGH!
I grew up extremely poor. My example of how to handle money was, when it comes in…spend it! When the economy “went south” a few years ago, I lost my corporate job. For 10 months I searched for a new job. I took various jobs to keep money coming in and I made some very unwise financial decisions during that time. Before I knew it, I was way over my head in credit card and IRS debt. I had even stopped tithing.
However, by the time I finished the course with Steve, my thinking had changed toward money and it no longer controlled me. Now I controlled it. We came up with a plan for spending, investing, tithing and giving abundantly. Here are some of the things we accomplished in six short months:

  • I started giving 10% of my gross income to God’s work.
  • I increased my giving above my tithe by:
    • giving to Crown Financial Ministries,
    • sponsoring a child through Compassion International, and
    • helping my family get through some tough times.
  • I paid off all 3 of my credit cards.
  • I paid off a HUGE IRS bill.
  • I am now on the fast track to pay off my last debt…my mortgage.
  • And I have an “emergency fund” saved as well as one month of expenses saved.

Steve's time invested in me has changed my life. He has shown me how God's economy works in my life. Thank you again for helping me, Steve and Robbie.
Phyllis Blackhawk (Phoenix, AZ)"

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