How does it work?

Usually an individual or family hires me as their money manager to help them set up a spending plan, a debt repayment plan, a savings plan and a giving plan as needed. I then pay all of their recurring bills and for a small fee I become the family's personal "bookkeeper."

Steve Brooks



1. free consultation


  • We meet together in person or via Skype (if you live outside the greater Phoenix, AZ area) in order to get acquainted with your specific financial needs and to better explain how the Money Management process works.
  • If you want me to help you put a spending plan and financial statement together, we can do this on this first appointment. There is no charge for this service!
  • We will also discuss my Money Management fees and you can decide if you need my services.
  • If you decide to hire me, I will explain what specific information you will need to collect before the Enrollment Meeting, why it is needed and how it will be protected.

2. Enrollment

After your initial Free Consultation you will need to collect all necessary information for the Enrollment Meeting

  • Click the button below to download your "Enrollment Checklist":

During this Enrollment Meeting (in-person or via Skype) we will:

  • Set-up a Spending Plan if we didn't do this on the initial meeting
  • Determine a realistic Debt Repayment Plan
  • Start a long-term Savings Plan
  • Discuss the use of ONLY debit cards (or cash) for your expenses

3. set-up

After your Enrollment Meeting, I will work to:

  • Get your accounts set-up in QuickBooks Online
  • Set up all of your current bills to be paid automatically from the Bill Pay Account that I will manage
  • You will begin to use your debit card (or cash) for all non-emergency expenses

4. accountability

I will send you printed reports each month showing:

  • A list of the bills that have been paid from the Bill Pay Account
  • The progress on your Debt Repayment Plan
  • The progress on your Savings and Giving Plans

We will have a scheduled one-hour, monthly accountability and progress meeting in person, over the phone or via Skype.