How does it work?

Usually an individual or family hires me as their money manager to help them set up a spending plan, a debt repayment plan, a savings plan and a giving plan as needed. I then pay all of their recurring bills and for a small fee I become the family's personal "bookkeeper."

Steve Brooks




  • We meet together in person or via Skype/Zoom (if you live outside the greater Phoenix, AZ area) in order for me to understand your specific financial needs and to explain how the Money Management process works.

  • If you want to proceed, I will send you an email listing the financial information that I will need for the next step.

  • When I receive this information from you, I will fill in the budgeting spreadsheet that I use. I will contact you to schedule a two-hour meeting (face-to-face or over the internet) to finalize the spreadsheet.

  • During this 2-hour meeting, we should be able to determine your financial statement and also to balance your personal budget. I will also show you a simple way to live on your budget.

  • Finally, I will share with you the two other services that Dedicated Money Management offers (explained below):

    • I could teach you God’s financial principles using one of Crown Financial Ministries’ resources.

    • You could hire me as your money manager.


While you are going through the Free Budget Coaching sessions, you might want to also learn God’s financial principles (from the Bible). I use two resources developed by Crown Financial Ministry. I charge $14 for the materials and you can go through them as quickly or as slowly as you please.

God’s financial principles are very different from the way the world teaches us to handle money.


A second option you might choose after your initial Free Budget Coaching sessions is to hire me (at an hourly rate) to be your personal money manager (“bookkeeper”).

  • If you are interested, I will teach you God’s financial principles using the Crown Financial Ministry materials mentioned in #2 above.

  • I will set you up with an online budget program that will track your income and expenses on a daily basis.

  • I will set up all of your monthly bills to be paid automatically from your personal check account.

  • You will begin to use your debit card (or cash) for all non-emergency expenses.

  • We will set up a debt reduction plan to help you to get out of debt quickly.

  • I will set up a savings plan so you have money set aside when the auto needs to be repaired, for vacation, for emergencies, etc.

  • I will encourage you to be generous with the money and possessions God has entrusted to you.

  • I will help you to simplify your finances.

  • I will have a monthly accountability meeting with you to show you:

    • A list of the bills that have been paid the past month;

    • The progress on your Debt Repayment Plan;

    • The progress on your Savings and Giving Plans.

My money management services will eliminate financial stress from your life!