Here Are Some of My Regular Clients

Who should consider hiring me as their Personal Money Manager?

  • People who struggle with managing their budget and paying their bills
  • People who pay bank overdraft fees or late fees
  • Moms and Dads who are busy raising their children
  • Single parents who are too busy working and raising their children to manage their finances
  • Successful business professionals whose personal lives are in turmoil
  • Business professionals who travel more than half of their work time
  • Recently widowed or divorced individuals
  • Relational people who are not detail-oriented
  • People who need their credit repaired
  • Recent college graduates and young professionals
  • People who make adequate income but run out of money before the end of the month
  • People who recently went through a bankruptcy 
  • Elderly or retired individuals on a strict, fixed budget
  • Disabled individuals or those in assisted living
  • Guardians or family members of any of the above listed categories

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